Collaborative Art

A powerful way to bring people together


Kelly’s signature method of collaborative painting has sparked artistic expression and creative fuel in tens of thousands of lives.


The creation of Paint.Team is a natural progression of Kelly Sullivan’s life’s work: pioneering the collaborative artistic experience from conception to execution of large format, multi-participant art.   These projects, known as FingerSmears™, are commemorative paintings using dabs of paint from scores of people on one canvas. Paint.Team™ is the digital evolution of a Fingersmears™.  It brings the collaborative artistic experience to a whole new level, reaching wide spread audiences who may never have had the opportunity to create collaborative art. Paint.Team designers create the templates but your team creates the color. 

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: “One individual after another would dip his or her fingertips into piles of paint on a palette, and then contribute a smear here or a smudge there to a canvas, following contours Sullivan had previously sketched of people or objects. While it might sound like roll-your-eyes New Age nonsense, there was real neuroscience behind the idea. “When we engage people through physical action, we involve more of their neurology than just viewing something,” says Douglas Van Praet, a branding consultant and author of “Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing.” According to Van Praet, physical action can impress the brand more deeply into memory through … 

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From Traditional to Digital

Collaborative power in a fun new form – Paint.Team!


 Kelly’s unique experience has become more accessible – now playable whether you’re in the same room, or on the other side of the world!

After orchestrating FingerSmear™ projects for years and witnessing its positive affects first-hand, Kelly aspired to transform the experience into a digital space. If possible, that meant people from all over the world could paint together on the same work of art. In 2016, Kelly conjured up some prototypes with Haley Manchon. These prototypes were then taken to Doug Moreland, who was able to bring the application to fruition. Paint.Team™ continues to grow more traction as clients are blown away by the app’s capabilities for teambuilding and growth. The app is free for public use, but Paint.Team is especially interested in understanding how collaborative art can be used as art therapy for those who may need it.


Kelly Sullivan

Founder & Artist

Using the arts to build and anchor communities has been the driving force throughout Sullivan’s work.

Kelly Sullivan is a pioneer in the field of collaborative art, and an award winning painter. She has had over 100,000 people stick their fingers in paint to be part of her work, including The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Harrison Ford, Willem DeFoe and a slew of professional athletes.  Her work has been commissioned to commemorate the US Open, The National Walk For Epilepsy, and the 50th Anniversary of The United Nations. 

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“Fresh Cut” Oil on Canvas, 36″ x 62″


To see more of Kelly Sullivan’s fine art pieces, please visit her web site:

Doug Moreland

Founder & Software Engineer

Doug Moreland is a career software entrepreneur. Having graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh, Doug’s career has spanned decades and includes many aspects of software creation including embedded and real time systems, web services, application development, and mobile applications. He has launched several successful technology startups in the aviation industry, employment benefits, payments industry, and color sciences. Doug loves anything aviation and anything that takes him to the great outdoors. When Kelly approached Doug with her proposal to collaborate on Paint.Team he had one thought: “This looks like fun.” Doug brings a special kind of brilliance to the team in the ability to interpret the concept into the science.




Haley Manchon

Artist & Designer

Haley Manchon has just received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She now works in a studio alongside Kelly in Lambertville, New Jersey.

Aside from designing a lot of Paint.Team’s template art, Haley works with clients to create concept sketches that evolve into the finished template. She is developing Paint.Team’s branding, assists in research and development, and she works hard to support Kelly in her efforts of bringing the world together through collaborative art.

In addition to working on Paint.Team, Haley is a drawing artist that specializes in portraiture and figurative art. 

To see Haley Manchon’s fine art pieces, please visit her web site: