Getting started

Would you like to create a Paint.Team project with your team?

 We will work with you to design a image that will tell your story, forward your message, and engage your target audience. We have some cool capabilities for custom projects – like custom color palettes, masked templates, participant tracking, and Facebook integration.  Fill our this short form to the right, or Email, and we’ll get you set up for some colorful fun.  

Your own Starry Night
Flowers for Van Gogh


Zen Monet
Maned Wolf
Ten Tickles
Butterfly Life Cycle
I Have a Story
Great Wave of Collaboration
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Coolest Surfer
Flutter Butters
King of the Jungle
Mother and Child




Cave Art


Peaceful Pals
Penguin Play
Mona Smiles
Shad Shenanigans
Screaming for Color
In the palm of your hand